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Top 7 Automotive Podcasts

The internet is a minefield of podcasts, with every topic you can think of being broadcasted all over the world. It can be hard to choose what to listen to when there is so much available to us; so how can you pick out the good content from the bad?

Fortunately, there are some great automotive themed podcasts available with the kind of content that us motor enthusiasts crave! At Dorset & Wiltshire Mitsubishi we have done the hard work for you to find the very best of automotive podcasts in 2019.

In no particular order, here are the top 7 automotive podcasts you should download and stream today:


1. Everyday Driver

Paul and Todd behind the Everyday Driver Podcast create exciting content across a multitude of platforms and are well-known for their YouTube channel, where they create cinematic car review comparisons.

The Everyday Driver podcast answers questions of their viewers and listeners, helping them find the right car for their needs but one that they will also enjoy driving!

2. B Squad Hotrod

If you are interested in restoring and repairing cars for enjoyment, this is the ideal podcast for you. Hosts Steve, Brad, Colt and Nick share the trials and tribulations of repairing and restoring cars. You can also follow their projects visually through their blog.

3. CarStuff

Ben and Scott are writers for and now also co-host CarStuff, where they cover all things automotive. With their combined passion for the auto industry, they are the perfect duo to answer any automotive questions including ‘what are some of the common myths about car dealerships’ and ‘what’s the history of stop lights?’

4. Unnamed Automotive Podcast

Take a look at the funnier side of the automotive industry with automotive journalists Benjamin and Sami. Their podcast is a weekly look at the cars they drive, the places they go and casual industry news and updates they find amusing.

5. The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire can also be found on YouTube and on their weekly podcast, you can find unfiltered and unedited car reviews of all kinds of cars. Their radio show in a 90-minute run down of the car industry and their own personal experiences travelling the world testing cars. 

6. Hooniverse

Hooniverse targets the “vehicular omnivore” and are bound to have something for all automotive enthusiasts. The unique title of this podcast is a combination of the Australian word “Hoon”, meaning reckless diver and “Universe” – the universe of hoon. However, Hooniverse has redefined the meaning of hoon, referring to “someone who loves the simple act of driving”.

7. Talking Cars

Talking Cars is a podcast where Consumer Reports’ car testing staff offer their opinions on the cars they test. Consumer Reports is a non-profit organisation committed to unbiassed product testing, so whether they love it or hate it, you’ll always get genuine reviews and advice. Join the experts as they answer buying questions and share their insights on all things automotive.

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