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Discover the New 2020 Mitsubishi L200 Series 6

The L200 Series 6 is the latest addition to the renowned Mitsubishi four-wheel drive pick-ups. The new model from Mitsubishi can take on every environment with its intelligent 4WD and Dynamic shield. Ideal for towing, the L200 Series 6 has an outstanding load capacity of 4,090kg and excellent manoeuvrability. Discover the exciting features of the latest Mitsubishi L200 series 6 models:

Robust features

The new Mitsubishi L200 series 6 pick-ups are designed to handle any environment including mud, sand or snow. The 2020 Mitsubishi L200 comes with 18” alloy wheels in a rugged design to withstand any terrain during your adventures.

If you are looking for an adaptable pick-up with automatic capabilities, opt for the automatic L200 series 6.  The automatic model monitors and controls the engine whilst in off-road mode - matching the terrain you're driving on for enhanced handling.

Stunning new colours

The all-new Mitsubishi L200 is available in two brand new colours that are designed to stand out; choose from distinctive Sunflare orange or White Diamond paint.


The L200 Series 6 features innovative safety mechanisms help to avoid collisions, for example, lane departure warnings and lane change assist. Throughout the car, there are also seven airbags, including drivers’ knee airbag.

And if you are using the pick-up for towing, the L600 Series 6 features trailer stability assist -preventing a swaying trailer.

Luxury interiors

The cabin of the L200 Series 6 is comfort orientated and has ample space for every passenger with extra leg, shoulder and headroom. The luxurious front seats are designed to fit your body with additional back and side support. The seats in the L200 Series 6 are also highly customisable. Customise yours with comfy heated front seats, an electronically adjustable driver seat and stylish leather seat trims.

Connected cabin

Stay connected with the LS200 Series 6’s intuitive touch screen infotainment system that works with both Apple and Android systems. It’s voice-controlled text message and phone call system means that you can always have your eyes on the road. For long drives and adventures, listen to your favourite automotive podcast or stream your music library with ease.


Why not take advantage of one of our great L 200 series 6 offers? Contact your local Mitsubishi dealership in Poole, Dorchester or Salisbury today to find out more about the new Mitsubishi L200 or any of our other Mitsubishi cars!  

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