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Get Your SUV Ready for Summer

The summer months have finally arrived, which can mean more road trips, more travelling and more time spent outdoors. Take advantage of the sun with our range of Mitsubishi SUV models and make sure your SUV is prepared for the season.


Discover the best family SUVs for long and short journeys and read some of our tips for getting your Mitsubishi SUV summer ready.


If you are planning a long journey to enjoy the sun, make sure that your car tyres are as prepared as you are! Vehicle tyres can have a great impact on your driving performance so should be checked regularly to maintain the safety of your vehicle and optimize driving range, but during summer the heat can break down the rubber more quickly.


Perform a check for any wear and tear that may impact the tyre performance. You can check the pressure with a pressure gauge or at your local petrol station at the start of your journey to prevent any potential break downs or issues on the road. If your car has a spare tyre, make sure it is in good condition so you can take it with you. Discover the Mitsubishi ASX with 18” alloy wheels designed to give you better handling and stability on any road condition.



Ideally, your brakes should always be checked before you drive for a long period to ensure they are in good condition. During the winter months, your brakes are often forced to work harder when driving in icy, wet and cold conditions. When summer comes around, it is good practice to check for any wear and tear caused by driving in extreme weather conditions. Gently apply your brakes at the start of your journey.


If you notice any unusual sounds or vibrations when braking, you may need to get your car serviced to replace your brake pads. If you are an adventure seeker looking for a model perfect for off-roading, the Mitsubishi ASX has Active Stability Control giving power to individual wheels so you can experience a steady ride, wherever you are.



Aside from keeping your car looking great, cleaning your vehicle regularly can make it easier to spot any damage or leaks that can be potentially dangerous and expensive to fix if left for too long. Give your Mitsubishi SUV the care (and shine) it deserves by giving it a thorough clean for summer. Don’t forget to clean out the interior too so you and your passengers can ride comfortably.


Check your aircon

Is there anything worse than setting out on a long journey in the summer and realising your air conditioning isn’t working? Keep yourself and others cool in the heat by checking the aircon can blow out cold air. You should also check your coolant levels, which prevent your car radiator from overheating. You can visit your local Mazda dealership for a quick check to ensure the coolant in your Mitsubishi SUV is at the correct ratio or if it needs to be adjusted. You should change your coolant levels once a year to maximize performance. Whatever summer journey you are planning, experience it with the Mitsubishi Outlander - packed with modern heating and conditioning technology such as Dual Zone Climate Control so each passenger can enjoy their climate.


Choose the best family SUV

Get you and your family ready for summer by choosing the best SUV to suit you and your lifestyle. Discover the Mitsubishi Outlander range with flexible seating arrangements so you can take the whole family along. The spacious and flexible Mitsubishi Outlander is designed to take you even further, whether that is in the city or countryside.


Alternatively, the Mitsubishi ASX range makes driving easy in all conditions. Big enough for all the practicality of an SUV whilst being compact enough to weave around the city, the Mitsubishi ASX has touches of quality that makes your journey even more enjoyable.


Discover the latest Mitsubishi SUV models, with ranges suitable to any lifestyle, personality, and preference. Visit your local Mazda dealership in Poole, Dorchester or Salisbury for new and used Mitsubishi cars and services to optimise its performance and maintain your vehicle.

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