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Seasonal Health Check
Keep your Mitsubishi in tip top condition  

Our Seasonal Check is designed to protect against all the common causes of breakdown during the summer & winter months, so you can set off on your travels with added protection against the elements.

  • Anti-Freeze condition, and minus temperature level

  • Tyre depths, & conditions

  • Brake pad measurement, and Brake Disc condition

  • Windscreen Washer levels, and operation

  • Battery Test, checking state of health

  • Windscreen Wipers, checking for efficiency & wear

  • Lighting, to ensure no issues

  • Thorough Under-Body Check


And, finally, our Valeters will carry out a wash n vac on your car, ensuring it leaves us prepared for the coming months!

All this for just £34.95! Book now to ensure complete peace of mind for the coming months!

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