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Ranging in shape and sizes, Mitsubishi offers a comprehensive selection of SUV models so you can enjoy an exhilarating and unique driving experience for whatever destination you have in mind.


Learn more about the Mitsubishi SUV range and discover the ideal model for you!

A Complete Guide to Mitsubishi SUV Range

Mitsubishi ASX

The smallest SUV model in the range, the Mitsubishi ASX boasts a compact style with no compromise on practicality. The perfect solution for those everyday adventures, an electronically controlled 4-wheel drive system makes the Mitsubishi ASX easy to drive with improved stability and handling. With a cruise control feature that allows drivers to maintain speed and take your foot off of the accelerator, your long-distance journeys will be even more enjoyable.


Take the stress out of those bumpy roads with the Mitsubishi ASX, designed with an efficient body shape that assists uphill and downhill slopes, and a high driving position to increase the visibility of the road ahead. You can even reduce fuel emissions with the automatic Stop & Go system that will turn off the engine in traffic – perfect for smooth city driving. Make a statement with the bold exterior, fused with the protection of the Dynamic Shield design to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Ready for action whenever you are, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a high-performance SUV model offering a sporty driving experience. With intelligent sensors and innovative technology, driving with safety and precision is made even simpler. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is designed to monitor the situation around you and will notify the driver if you start to drift lanes without indicating, if there are any objects or vehicles in your blind spot or if there is an approaching vehicle when reversing.


Drive confidently with a focused driving power that improves responsiveness, enhances stability, and reduces vehicle skidding. The Drive Mode Selector feature allows drivers to alter performance based on driving conditions, with an option or auto, snow or gravel so you can drive even further on your off-road adventures. Choose between the drive mode options on the interior control panel that is horizontally designed to reduce distraction from the road ahead.


Mitsubishi Outlander

Escape to the countryside or explore cities with the Mitsubishi Outlander that offers versatile performance for all kinds of journeys. Experience an effortless drive with the adaptive cruise control that will maintain the desired speed, and use the paddle shift to change gears smoothly without taking your hands off of the wheel.


With prominent safety features, Active Stability Control will adjust the engine output automatically and reduce the risk of skidding and the Hill Start Assist allows stress-free hill starts by preventing you from rolling backwards on a steep incline. With 7 spacious seats, dual zone temperature control and extensive storage space, the Mitsubishi Outlander is designed around you and your family to make even the longest of journeys comfortable.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

As the UK’s number 1 selling plug-in hybrid, the eco-friendly Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers a driving range that can take you even further. The battery is designed to drive 28 miles in electric mode, and kinetic energy is stored from regenerative braking and put straight back into the engine. Take control of your performance with the Twin Motor 4-Wheel Drive System that works to optimize control of the front and rear motors, offering stability across any terrain and enhanced driving experience.


The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the perfect blend of electric motors and a petrol engine work effortlessly together to maximize the power of your drive. The control panel even features an eco-score to offer a summary of your driving based on how eco-friendly it is. Stay comfortable in the supportive seats with enhanced legroom for all passengers and stay connected to the outside world with the Bluetooth music system.


Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Combining improved traction with maximum stability, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport boasts an outstanding driving quality in all kinds of conditions. Use the Super Select 4WD-II to select between different drive modes; from uneven muddy surfaces to sandy hills, adjust the driving ability to suit your surroundings and get the best out of your SUV.


The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is designed for adventure, with a lightweight engine and 8-speed automatic transmission you can enhance fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Hill Descent Control will automatically apply the brakes when descending from an incline, and the Hill Start Assist will provide support when driving up an incline, so you do not need to worry about rolling back. Take advantage of the 4x4 visibility from the comfort of your heated front seats and experience the smooth yet stimulating driving capability of the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport.


Learn more about the range of SUV models at your local Mitsubishi dealership in Poole, Salisbury and Dorchester and explore the selection of new and used Mitsubishi cars. Start your adventure today with a Mitsubishi model that is ready when you are.

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