Fed up with pulling into the petrol station to fill up on fuel?

Well it’s not top of our list of favourite things to do either, especially with fuel prices constantly fluctuating.

So, to try and make those stops less frequent we thought we would share some handy fuel saving tips with you!

Our Top 10 tips:

1.Get rid of unnecessary weight – The heavier your car is, the more fuel it uses to travel, so before you set off on your journey make sure you take off the unused roof box and put the golf clubs back in the garage till the next round.

2.Under pressure -By keeping your Tyre pressure at the recommended level it will keep your fuel use to a minimum, as tyres under the recommended pressure uses more fuel to move the car. If you are unsure of your vehicles recommended pressure you can usually find this near the lock inside the driver’s door.

3.Cut the Air-Con – Air con uses a lot of fuel, so try to stick to only using the Air Con when absolutely necessary, it’s a habit we all have to automatically put it on as soon as you are in the car or completely forget it is even on, which just eats at your fuel when not necessary.

4.Smoothly does it – Slow and steady wins the fuel race, driving erratically contributes to you using a considerably large amount of fuel compared to what is actually needed. Pull away from traffic lights smoothly and try to avoid overtaking breaking suddenly and tail gating as these things all eat you fuel.

5.Plan ahead – Save fuel by planning ahead, for all the little errands you need to make in a day try and do them all at once instead of several short trips out in the car, as once the car is cool it uses much more fuel for the first 5 miles so combining all of this in to one journey it won’t allow time for your car to fully cool down.

6.Keep it closed – Keeping your windows closed saves on fuel, especially on dual-carriageways and motorways, its all down to keeping the shape of the car as with the windows open it causes a dragging effect which makes the car work harder to keep moving at the current speed.

7.Use your gears wisely – Be gentle with changing gear and be sure to change gear early. Without letting the engine struggle at low revs, change to a higher gear as early as your car allows.

8.Maintain speed – although driving at higher speeds will take time of your journey, it will actually cost you more in fuel, not only is breaking the speed limit braking the law it is also costing you a lot more in fuel.

9.Less is more – Having a full tank of fuel in your car actually makes you use more on the journey as it is making the car heavier, therefor having less fuel in the tank saves you money.

10.Show your car some love – A little bit of TLC goes a long way, from using higher quality fuels, checking the condition of your Tyre’s and the pressure, checking the condition of your battery, using a high-quality oil, check condition of brake pads, and break discs, regular service and maintenance. Regularly checking these things will help with keeping your fuel use to a minimum.

Now you’ve seen our top tips, why not try them out and see if it works for you!