Most people genuinely think you don't have to prepare your car for summer like you do for winter!
Summer  driving has just as many risks as driving in the winter. 

Be sure to check your tyres. 

If your tyres are under inflated ​or already worn, you are at a higher risk of getting a puncture or a blowout. 


It is important to check the cooling system of your car regularly. ​

Sun glare

Sun glare causes many accidents, to prevent this we recommend you keep your windscreen clean, replace damaged or worn wipers​, repair any scratches and chips.
Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car, but try to avoid ones where the lenses darken in strong sunlight.

Plan ahead for longer journeys.

When the sun is out so is everyone else, making our roads a lot busier. It can often take a lot longer to get to your destination so make sure you have plenty of fluids ​in the car with you as sitting in traffic in a warm car can be quite exhausting. By keeping your fluids topped up it will keep you more alert, so less chance of an accident happening.

If you haven't got your car ready for summer

why not book in with our service department for a

'Summer Health Check'