We at Poole, Salisbury and Dorchester Mitsubishi consider the furry family members requirements as much as there hoomans. 

Things to consider for your dog’s comfort. Good Ventilation – Windows/Aircon/Sunroof.Space – Enough room in the boot or back seat for them to lay/Sit/Turn-around.Suspension – For a smooth ride. Some dogs suffer with travel sickness, if your dog does it is recommended that you feed them 1-2hours before traveling to prevent this. 
Safety for everyone.

It is recommended that when travelling with your dog they should be suitable restrained this is so they do not come to any harm if you need to emergency stop, or become a distraction to the driver.

We recommend to you use one of the following for when your dog travels in the car:

Seat belt for dogs – These clip into the seat belt holder and attach to harness. 

Dog guard – For travelling in the boot and stopping from jumping in to the car. 

Dog car seat – For use on back seat, to help the dog feel comfortable and safe, these are ideal for small dogs.

Crate – For use in the boot if you don’t want them constantly moving around.

Our Recommended Dog Friendly Cars


The Honda CR-V is the perfect SUV for the whole family including your beloved fur babies. With plenty of space in the 589-litre boot (1,669 with magic seats) this gives you plenty of room for them weather you choose to use a crate or a dog guard to keep them safe, and with lots of room on the back seats you have plenty of options to choose where you pooch travels in the car.
Explore the CR-V


The Honda HR-V is another popular choice for the animal lovers when choosing a car suitable for them. Your dog will travel in comfort with plenty of room to sit, lie down, turn around and stretch out, the HR-V is more suitable for your small-medium dog breeds but with a 470 litre boot a larger dog will still be able to travel comfortably.
Explore the HR-V


This mid-sized SUV is the ideal car for a man’s best friend, with a smooth drive to tackle the forest roads, a decent sized boot 506-Litres in fact! So, there is plenty of room for you and your furry member of the family, and room for some of their favourite toys to! And if that isn’t enough the CX-5 also won What car? Car of the year award for 2018 and 2017.

Explore the CX-5.


Making light work of city streets and winding roads, means a smooth ride wherever you and your four-legged companion go on your travels. The smooth ride in the Mazda 6 Tourer is a hit for your dog to help with the motion and prevent travel sickness. The tourer offers a generous sized boot with plenty of room for them to lie down and turn around.
Explore the Tourer


The Outlander range is an ideal car for the larger dog breeds. With a boot capacity starting from 1,602-litres of space, even the biggest of breeds will enjoy their trip out in the car in comfort. The versatile and capable SUV perfect for getting the whole family together for a weekend walk with the dogs.

Explore the Outlander


When you really need a 4X4 the Mitsubishi Shogun is first choice, it is built to tackle whatever you throw at it and will do it in style!The Shogun will take you down roads you thought impossible to tackle, so it is a great companion to try out new walks and explore new places.With all the muddy walks your dog will lead you to, there is no need to worry about the interior of the shogun when you return home. Keep the 663-Litre boot pristine with a range of accessories to help protect your shogun.

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The Nissan Qashqai is also a popular choice with us dog owners, it provides the main things we look for to keep our pooches happy – Comfort and space!
The versatile boot is a main selling point with up-to 1,598-Litre boot space with the seats down or with the seats up you still have a spacious 430 Litres. You can also do a 60/40 split of rear seats if you only need a little more than the 430-Litre space.You can also add organization to the Qashqai with adjustable shelves and dividers. We are all aware of our dogs exceptional hearing, as they often hear things we don’t! The Qashqai will put your mind at ease with its quiet engine and road noise absorption.​ 
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The X-Trail is spacious and comfortable, whether your dog is travelling on the back seat or in the boot they are sure to have a pleasant trip every time they travel in the Nissan’s family friendly SUV, with accessories available to keep your car protected from the muddy adventures your pooch takes you on.Nissan did create a concept vehicle – X-Trail 4 Dogs! Unfortunately, this is not available to purchase although we are still hoping this will become a reality! It’s the best thing since sliced bread for us dog owners! Although the X-Trail 4 Dogs isn’t on the market Nissan have got some of the accessories available such as the dog guard, wipe clean boot and additional storage pockets.
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We love it when you bring along your pooches to our show room, so when looking for your new pawfect car why not bring them along for them to judge?

We can promise lots of love and attention will be given as long as they are happy for us to do so!