Click and Collect

Choosing your next Mitsubishi couldn't be easier! Once you have found your ideal new car (click for New models, or here for our current Used Selection), simply contact us, by:

Phone - you can find your closest dealership here, along with all contact numbers. In addition, every used car will have it's location clearly displayed, and will have contact detail for that branch alongside!

Email - using our Contact Form, you can let us know that you are interested! We will then respond as quickly as possible, to ensure that you don't miss the car you want!

Live Chat - you can talk to an actual member of our team, by clicking on the Live Chat icon, in the bottom right-hand corner of every screen on our web-site. Please do remember this is available during our normal working hours - but you can always leave a message!

Need more information about a car?

We will be delighted to help, with more photos of the car, or even a personal video presentation - so you can ask for exactly the detail you need!

Do you want to talk directly with us?

No problem at all - there are several options to choose from, where we can discuss all aspects of the purchase - all without leaving the comfort of your home!

Face-time - enabling direct conversation

WhatsApp - either by message, or video call

Zoom - where we can discuss the purchase, and even screen-share, for live interaction

Collecting your new car

We will be delighted to book your appointment for you to collect your car - all the paperwork will have been emailed for completion, and your new car will be fully sanitised, ready for you to drive away, with plenty of fuel.

A team member will be on hand, to give an overview of the controls, and to ensure you are happy and confident before you drive away!

After the purchase...

Of course, the current situation means that we can't spend as much time face-to-face as we normally would - including going through the cars equipment in fine detail. If you would like a refresher on the the controls, and how to work any individual aspect of the car, then we will be pleased to invite you back to the dealership, for a full run-through of the cars capabilities, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your new car.

We will always be on hand for any query - Poole & Salisbury Mitsubishi have years of experience with Mitsubishi, so you can be sure that you will have the back-up you deserve!

Understanding your requirements

Before looking at used cars for sale, you need to think about what features, style and kind of engine you are looking for. Do you want a big SUV so there is room for the family? Are you looking for a sporty driving experience? Or do you want a modern interior to stay connected? Make a check list of all the things you want in your car to avoid spending money on a model that does not suit you and your lifestyle. Visit our website to compare Mitsubishi model variants and understand the different specifications across the ranges. Try and get an idea of which model is best for you before you start shopping for second-hand cars.

Value your old vehicle

If you are looking to buy a used Mitsubishi to replace your current vehicle, get a free online valuation to see how much your car is worth. Consider part-exchange to save the time and hassle of selling privately. You can use money from your old vehicle to put towards the deposit, purchase or finance of your second-hand car. Buying a used car can be up to 50% cheaper than buying a new model, so exchanging your old vehicle is another cost-effective solution for purchasing a car.

Book a test drive

Once you have mulled over the financial and technical aspects of buying a used car and decided what kind of model you are looking for, you can enjoy the fun part! Taking a test drive is the best way to get a feel for the interior and the driving experience the model offers. By driving it you will be able to tell whether you enjoy driving the car or if it’s missing some features you wanted. It’s also a great way to ensure the second-hand car is running smoothly and is in good condition.

Buy from a trusted dealer

Any vehicle you purchase will obviously require payment, so it is essential that you are paying for a good quality car from a trusted dealership. One of the advantages of buying a second hand car is that most of the depreciation has already occurred. Despite this, you want your car to have been maintained and in good condition before you drive away with it. If you are looking at used cars for sale, make sure they have some kind of authentication or approval from the manufacturer or dealer. You should also ensure that you are given all the necessary documents and vehicle handbooks to go with it. Visit your local Mitsubishi dealership for the best quality used cars that are all Mitsubishi approved.

Get the best used Mitsubishi model that is ideal for you and drive away confidently! To learn more about approved Mitsubishi used cars or to shop our range of new car models, visit our Mitsubishi dealership showrooms today in Poole and Salisbury.