Designed to perfectly complement every aspect of your life, from the everyday commute to the weekend adventure. Powerful, stylish and safe, this is the new generation Outlander.




The Outlander 2.0 litre MIVEC engine (MIVEC stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System) offers a compelling combination of refined performance, powerful acceleration and high fuel efficiency. Which means you'll spend less time filling up and more time on the road.

Ready for adventure

The Outlander has all the benefits you'd expect from an SUV: a high driving position and high ground clearance, so it copes equally well with bumpy roads or uneven terrain. And it delivers the spirited performance you need, including powerful acceleration and responsive roadholding.

Parking has never been so easy

The 360° Camera makes getting into tight parking spaces a breeze. Put the car in reverse and the camera automatically provides a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle.


Every inch of this car has been meticulously considered, from the restyled chrome grille, to the LED lights that extend into the tailgate. That's why the Outlander is one of the most visually striking cars in its class.

Loading and unloading made easy

Ever tried to open your tailgate with arms full of equipment or groceries? We know what it's like. That's why the Outlander's smooth operating power tailgate gives you three options: you can either use the key fob, a button on the dashboard, or a button on the tailgate itself to open and close it.

Impressive towing ability

With the Outlander Petrol you can tow a braked trailer weight of 1,600 kg (3,527 lbs),which is ideal if you want to haul a caravan or a quad bike trailer.

See the car from every angle

Those tricky manoeuvres just got easier. Cameras mounted on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle (including a bird's eye view) will show you what's in your blind spots and help you park more easily. It will also help you detect whether a vehicle or pedestrian is crossing behind the car.


The Outlander has an interior built for both comfort and practicality. Even the longest journeys slip by thanks to generous cabin space and comfortable seating. And it’s packed with enough modern technology to make driving a pleasure.

A Spacious Cabin

The large rear doors make it easier getting in and out and there’s loads of headroom and legroom. And with seven seats, you can fit in the whole family or a five-a-side football team.

Flexible Cargo Space

You can arrange the second and third row seats to carry almost any combination of passengers. With the third row seats up, you have an impressive 781 litres of boot space. Put the third row foldable rear seats down flat and you’re looking at a whopping 1,608 litre space. Which is so cavernous, there’s almost an echo.

Smartphone Link Display Audio System (SDA)

The Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) system allows you to seamlessly integrate your device. Android Auto™: By just connecting your Android™ Smartphone to SDA, you can operate your favourite apps through voice commands, letting you focus on the road for safer driving. Apple CarPlay: Connecting your iPhone to SDA lets you easily operate maps, music, calls, messages and more through Siri. SDA helps you intuitively do what you want on your iPhone, even on the road.


Automatically alert traffic behind you

If something ahead causes you to brake suddenly, ESS automatically activated the hazard warning lamps go give traffic behind you a clear sign your slowing down, reducing the chance of them hitting you.

No more blind spots

This feature uses radar sensors to detect whether there are vehicles in your blind spots. If you're about to change lanes and the system detects that something is there, a light will blink in the door mirror on the side nearest to the hazard and a buzzer will sound.

Reversing with confidence

If radar sensors in the rear bumper detect an approaching vehicle once you've put the car into reverse, a warning message appears in the multi-information display, a buzzer sounds and an indicator blinks in both door mirrors.

If you have a wobble, the car won’t

The Active Stability Control (ASC) system combines with the 4WD system to offer even greater stability. It works by using onboard sensors to analyse the vehicle’s motion and identify any unstable movement. If wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, the ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding. The Traction Control function applies a braking force to the spinning wheels for smooth starts and straight line acceleration.

No rolling backwards on hills

Hill Start Assist (HSA) makes it easier to start off on a steep uphill slope by preventing the vehicle from rolling backward. When a gradient is detected, it automatically maintains the brakes until the accelerator is applied.

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